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Natipatana Phuket Office is an independent law office based in Phuket, duly registered with the Lawyers Council of Thailand (Registration Number 12304/2566), bearing the prestigious trade name of our Bangkok office through a technical support and use of trade name agreement. The firm locates in the hearth of Phuket Island, in the proximity of the famous British International School of Phuket. The firm provides international legal services focusing on Phuket market. The firm specializes in legal services relating to real estate, corporate, family and inheritance. The firm currently provides our Phuket based hospitality clients as well as a superyacht and marina projects. The firm is active in providing legal consultancy involving real estate such as short term and long term lease, corporate vehicle owning properties, licensing. The firm has advantage in bridging Phuket to Bangkok as well as other parts throughout Thailand and abroad. The firm's service covers southern provinces including Phuket and Samui. For Phang-Nga and Phuket, the firm provides a 24hr-ready-to-services for any emergency case such as bail. In addition, the firm is an academy for property law classes for Expats in Phuket. Disclaimer: the firm is operated under and by a separate legal entity, independent from our Bangkok office and Natipatana entities. The firm is operated under Natipat Phuket Co., Ltd. (Law Office Registration No. 12304/2566). While our Bangkok office provides certain technical assistance to the Phuket Office and lends it the trade name, it shares no shareholding, partnership or principal-agency relationship with the Phuket Office. The Phuket Office has autonomy and distinct operation and services from our Bangkok office. Therefore, clients using services of Phuket Office and its attorneys enter into legal relationship with Natipat Phuket Co., Ltd. only and not with other entities or individual lawyers of the firm. Contact to the firm can be made via:


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Heading to Phuket office

Our office is located at 91/17 Soi Koh Keaw 23, Thep Krasatti road, Phuket city. Parking is available in front of the office.

Working hour: 9.00-17.00 Mon-Fri

For any emergency case such as bail, immediate legal assistance in case of accident or crime. We are available 24hr.


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Please feel free to contact us. You can reach our lawyer in Phuket at +6664-259-3564